Hood Burger

Niman Ranch Sausage/Beef Patty, Natural Bacon, Fried Egg, Jarlsburg Cheese, Garlic Bread, Pickle, onion



Spicy Pork Sammy
Spicy House Roasted Beeler’sOrganic Pork, ranch and pickles

Meatloaf sammy

thickl slice of meatloaf, crispy onions, garlic aioli, and curry ketchup on toasted dutch crunch

Totine “poutine in our ‘hood”
Tater Tots topped with Brandt Farms
Braised Brisket, Gravy, Queso Fresco


Catfish & Tots

Fried Catfish, Tater tots, Lemon Tarragon Tarter

Chicken Wrap

Mary’s air chilled chicken, kale, bacon, onion and made in house blue cheese dressing

Open face tuna melt

tuna salad, cheddar cheese and dijon mustard on Texas toast

Moroccan spiced pot pie

Chickpeas, tomatoes, raisins, almonds, cilantro, and mint with a puff pastry top

Veggie burger

Mushroom lentil patty, kale, swiss cheese, crispy onions and dijon mustard on toasted dutch crunch.